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Important Things You Need to Know About Neal Kwatra

Neal Kwatra is currently the CEO and founder of Metropolitan Public Strategies that is a political consulting firm. But before he started his own firm, he was appointed by the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to be his Chief of Staff starting year 2011 to year 2013. With this particular role, Neal Kwatra made sure that each transaction and the entire direction of the office was overseen by him. During the year 2008 when financial crisis was apparent, he made sure to run after the biggest financial institutions who have committed mortgage fraud. Whatever campaign the AG’s office started, he made sure to be one of the frontrunners of them and was also the person who was accountable in holding Wall Street firms responsible. The I-STOP or the Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing was even passed successfully as a state-wide measure during the year 2012 with Neal Kwatra’s help to the AG. To lower the occurrences of prescription drug abuse, this campaign was done to have a means to monitor electronically the number of drug prescriptions that are dispensed in the entire state.

It was later in the same year that Neal Kwatra became the reason why the finance regulations of the not-for-profit campaigns of the state have been improved. The debate of the dark money that is said to be present in the political system has been on the rise during that time with placing the AG of New York at the center of this debate.

Before Neal Kwatra played a big part for the AG, he was working as the Director of Political and Strategic Affairs at the New York Hotel Trades Council. The New York Hotel Trades Council is the biggest local union among the many hotel employees that the nation has. Again, Neal Kwatra has done his part in transforming the 30,000 members of the council to become a political force starting the year 2008 until the year 2011. The Hotel Trades Council and Neal Kwatra did a lot of opposition research. Both of them planned out and coordinated what political strategies they must embark that have led to the Democrats doing what they have not done in the past four decades and that is gaining majority of the New York State Senate. In the year 2009, Neal Kwatra and the HTC headed the campaign of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and 22 of New York City’s council candidates. In the year 2010, the campaigns for New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Comptroller Tom Dinapoli were all headed by the political strategies and campaign efforts of Neal Kwatra as well as the Union. Starting with this, the Union has gained a popular name in the world of New York politics with all of its members working towards effective campaign volunteering, political research skills, and organizing.

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